Thursday, July 5, 2007

Take me out to the ball game ...

Thursday summer nights in Lansing means "Thirsty Thursday" ($2 draft beer) at Oldsmobile Park in the heart of downtown, when the Lugnuts are in town to take on an opponent in the Class A- Midwest League of minor league baseball. Since we have a ticket package, I got to try out the iPhone in a new environment. It also meant 3+ hours actually on the AT&T EDGE network with 4 or 5 bars!

I also brought along my bluetooth headset (Jabra BT350) and, of course, my Treo 700p. I fiddled around with the headset and got it paired easily with the iPhone. I also forwarded my Treo number to the iPhone as well, so I could see how any calls I got sounded. Unfortunately, I didn't get that done before a call came in. And it was too noisy at the park without headset to really talk, so I had to ask the caller to catch me tomorrow. My wife did a couple test calls (from the seat next to me -- awkward -- not much to say) after I had things set up and sound quality was good on both ends.

I did receive a few e-mails easily, and made quite a bit of use of the Safari browser. I always keep a scorecard at a baseball game (old school!), and as it happened, they didn't have any preprinted rosters this night. So when a pitching change took place, and the announcement was drowned out by between-inning entertainment, I despaired until I remembered I had the Web in my pocket. The speed was not quite up to Treo standards, but the full page rendering and easy zooming of the South Bend Silverhawks roster page, made it worth a slight wait. And I easily called up the player profile page, so I not only got the name, but full stats (last 10 outings), picture, etc.

Of course the Palm platform supports ScorePad, a complete full-color, wonderfully detailed baseball scoring software package on the Treo (and other Palm devices). I've had a copy for several years and use it on and off. Lately though I've gone back to pencil and printed scorecard, since it doesn't require as much commitment -- I can always just annotate a batter as "IWW" (I Wasn't Watching) and move on, where the software demands to know what really happened: "K"? "1B"? "W","6-3"?

One downside to the touchscreen though: it's not easy to answer a call when in the midst of eating an order of "Super Nachos" unless you want sour cream and salsa on the screen!

All and all, a pleasant evening at the ball park. And the Luggies won 5-3, too, with the winning runs coming from a grand slam homer!

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t-dub said...

Heh, your point about dirtying the screen is well taken. When you were down here at the Taste I kept worrying about all of our filthy fingers touching your fancy new toy! I get paranoid about that sort of thing with my Chocolate and the functional surface is much more limited.

So the question is, given your care and usage profile (which is similar to mine in terms of how you treat devices, I think), how is the iPhone holding up? Scratches? Smudges that won't go away? Areas of the screen that just don't respond very well? I'm curious...