Friday, July 20, 2007

I hate wires!

The iPhone, like most iPods, I guess, comes with the iconic white earbuds -- on a wire (uggh). They perform well enough and the squeeze bulge on the iPhone right ear wire to pause or skip a track or answer a call is kinda nice. But the wires! They get tangled in my beard. They get caught on my buttons. They are just in the way.

I want wireless listening. Not just a mono bluetooth headset for phone calls. Full stereo wirelessly to both ears. Of course, the iPhone 1.0 doesn't do bluetooth stereo. And nobody makes bluetooth stereo without wires or collars or something to connect the two ears. The closest I've seen are the Motorola S9 or the Etymotic ety8, but they both have to link the ears behind the head.

NO WIRES! I want two small earbuds that deliver wireless stereo in partnership with each other and the smartphone (preferably my Treo!). I hate wires ...

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