Sunday, July 1, 2007

So what will I learn in this "iPhone Lansing" thingy?

I'm a Version 2.2 kind of guy, but in this Web 2.0 world, I've given in to the hype and joined the iPhone 1.0 mania.

Fair warning: this is a kind of mid-life crisis. But I decided to combine several interests together and this journal will be part of the experiment. A place where I can share my thoughts as I try out the new Apple iPhone, and make my
first foray into "Blogging" (I told you -- 2.2!).

Along the way (as I talk out my troubles), this should be a sort of extended review, and perhaps will be useful to you if you are considering an iPhone, or even if you are not.

So, in my humble opinion, you should learn a lot.

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