Monday, July 9, 2007

I better get busy ...

I'm not meeting my goal of writing at least one post per day! We made a weekend trip to Chicago to visit my son. But that's not a very good excuse...

Wherever I go, I've been letting people know about this journal, so if I write it, they will come (at least that's the theory -- please, comment, so I know you're there). And if I don't write it, they'll stay away (:

Here's [sic -- here are] some of the topics coming soon:

  • the rest of So, what will I learn?
  • Going to Chicago ...
  • Big City, Five Bars! (except in apartments)
  • Transit, Chicago (RTA=CTA+METRA+Path=easy & cheap)
  • Chicago is Tasty
  • MLS is on Fire -- not so much ...
  • the Garden of Hilton (no, not Paris!)
  • a Lula of a breakfast
  • rolling home thru the Is / service on the Is
  • In search of signal strength
  • Accessorize
  • [my] best iPod ever!
So, while watching Kevin & Alex (Diggnation) on the small screen, I'll try to type fast on the big one...

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