Friday, July 13, 2007

Black, bleak Friday

Today was Friday the 13th. It was also the end of the 14-day iPhone trial period.

Unable to resolve the problem of "No Service" at home and spotty service elsewhere, I returned the iPhone to the AT&T store for a refund. At first, the new cashier tired to tell me that it was 15 days! But the manager allowed the return on the more realistic basis that two Friday after purchase is indeed 14 days. Unfortunately, they imposed a 10% restocking fee. This had not been disclosed to me in spite of asking lots of questions in advance. They claimed to have included a form disclosing the fee in the bag (which they hadn't). The fee was also NOT mentioned in the brochure that I received and read while in the store waiting to be served.

I will dispute the extra $50+ charge to my credit card. It's bad enough that I will be on the hook for the $36 activation fee and 1/2 month service (about $30), at least $66+taxes.

There are certainly some limitations and flaws to the iPhone, but the AT&T network is the real problem. What good is a phone that can't make or receive calls?

Now comes the bleak, black depression of "NoPhone"...

(But I will still write and write to describe my experiences, so don't go away. I promise at least a post per day for the rest of July.)

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