Friday, July 13, 2007

Non-techie reaction: "enhh"

It didn't take me very long to decide that the iPhone would not be replacing my Sprint Treo 700p anytime soon (even setting aside the financial details of contracts and monthly fees). There is too much I would have to give up. But, part of my original idea was that maybe the "reinvented cellphone" would be something that my wife (hardly a technophobe, but not a "gadget gal") might find useful to replace her aging Nokia 6015i on Verizon.

So, she had the use of the iPhone for two days at work, to find out about it's performance and usefulness, mainly AS A PHONE. That would be mostly as a part-time phone: she averages only about 25 minutes monthly! Her most frequent call is to me at home to say "I'm late" or "I'm coming now", so that I can finish cooking supper, and get it on the table on time.

Although it was snazzy in appearance, and easy to use, there were several reception problems in various places at her work. The home "noPhone" became an office "sometimePhone". The AT&T network is no match for Verizon or Sprint here in East Lansing, Michigan.

Once I have more time to talk with her at length, I'll also report more about the actual operation of the phone. She did give me a few notes. I need to ask more about her experience. However, she was underwhelmed.

Bottom line evaluation: "enhh..."

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