Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's that smell?

When I first opened the iPhone box (almost 2 weeks ago), one thing I noticed was a distinct, though faint odor in the box. A perfume! The Apple California design geniuses had left nothing to chance -- your first (and lasting impression) would be influenced positively in every way.

A brief Google search (iPhone + smell; odor; aroma; perfume) doesn't reveal any other comment on this, but I'm positive that it's there. It is something more than the "new car" smell of plastic or technology. To me it was a distinct vanilla; my wife detected citrus; my son, leather. Everyone I've shown the box agrees that there is some sort of perfume inside -- not much, not strong, but there nonetheless. Even yet today.

It is well known that stores use perfume to influence shoppers. So why not the iPhone box?

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